Staging Services


Home Staging

The process of getting your home ready to sell. Preparing a home for the market to show off its best features. The goal is to make your house stand out from others in order to receive the highest market value.

Keys to A Well Staged Home Are:

Staging helps to neturalize, organize and ensure that you are showcasing the assets of each room.

Ensure the furnishings and elements within the space are proportionate.

The even pace in which a home carries itself from room to room (color, schemes, furniture etc.).

How much space the buyer sees vs. literal square footage.

Balance of natural, overhead lighting and lamps.


Five Most Important Areas to Stage

  1. Entryway - entrance and any room directly visible from the entryway.
  2. Main Living Area – Living Room, Dining Room
  3. Master Bedroom
  4. Kitchen
  5. Bonus Space – Family Room, deck, office

Staging is all done from the prospective of the buyer.
​​​​​​​The way in which we live in our homes vs. the way our home is viewed by a buyer are two different things.


Staging Services

  • Staging Consultation- Stager will provide a two hour consultation making recommendations as to what improvements should be made in order to get top market value.
  • Furniture Staging- Stager will bring in furniture and accessories in order to accentuate the positive features of your home. Stager will make specific recommendations as to which rooms should be staged with furniture (not all rooms will be furnished).

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